Welcoming a Diverse New Cohort to Canada’s Startup Visa Program

Startup Visa Program

In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, Canada stands out as a beacon of opportunity and innovation. The Startup Visa Program is at the forefront of this evolution, welcoming a new cohort of international trailblazers.

Canada’s Startup Visa Program has become a cornerstone for global entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses. Designed to connect innovative startups with the Canadian ecosystem, the program offers unparalleled access to resources, networks, and growth opportunities.

The program has seen remarkable successes, at least a dozen startup founders under our program have obtained their PR status in the last year and are continuing their growing path in the country.

This year, we’re excited to introduce six dynamic companies, hailing from Brazil, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Each brings a unique business model – from B2B , B2C and B2G – ready to make significant strides in their respective industries.

Participants in the Startup Visa Program gain access to C-Fractional executives, marketing experts, and designated business coaches tailored to their profiles. Additionally, they have access to grant and investment opportunities, propelling them to new heights in the global market.

The potential impact of these startups is immense, not just in their respective sectors, but also as a contribution to Canada’s growing reputation as a hub for international innovation and entrepreneurship.

We invite other aspiring global startups to discover the opportunities provided by Canada and its Startup Visa Program. Follow the exciting journey of these new companies as they embark on their entrepreneurial path in Canada.

Article by:

Miryam Lazarte, CEO at Global Startups Accelerator and General Partner at GSA Ventures

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