10 Technology Companies Owned by Newcomers in Canada Accepted into the Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

Technology Companies owned by Newcomers

LatAm Startups is entering into a second year pilot with the Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator Program. For this cohort, the program has selected 10 tech companies owned by newcomers in Canada. The six-month accelerator program, which is mainly funded by  the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), runs from September 2022 to March 2023

The companies will develop a clear marketing and sales strategy, identify funding opportunities, create an IP strategy, and build a structure ready to hire new talent, among other deliverables, to help the company grow into Canada’s ecosystem.

As a non-profit accelerator in Toronto that works with international startups, and as a designated sponsor for Canada’s Start-up Visa Program, LatAm Startups has continued to advocate for diversity in the technology ecosystem in Canada. LatAm Startups was created in 2016, and since 2017 its programs have received over 150 startups from more than 20 different countries.

On behalf of LatAm Startups, I would like to thank the government of Canada and the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) for trusting our organization and supporting a community of newcomers that will contribute to the ecosystem with innovative and scalable companies. 

This year we have doubled the size of the cohort, and we are helping 10 innovative companies owned by newcomers based in Canada. We are thrilled to continue working with this program in a second pilot year.”

– Miryam Lazarte, CEO of LatAm Startups

Many newcomers face difficulties integrating into a new market and require more personalized support. This program seeks to embrace diversity and inclusion in the tech ecosystem and provide the support needed for new Canadian entrepreneurs.

The 10 companies selected this year to accelerate their businesses are the following:

  • Sparrow Invest (fintech): A real estate investment platform targeted at young adults who can invest for as little as $1.
  • Vibraint (medtech): Their flagship product, VIBRAINT RehUp “is a brain-controlled rehabilitation robotics device also featuring VR and spinal cord stimulation that restores motion in largely paralyzed patients and can be applied in hospitals, clinics and homes.
  • Benlya Services (infrastructure/telecom): A solution for Next Generation Services & Solutions in Information Technology, Telecommunication, Engineering Software Solutions and Office Automation. They spoke with us about wanting to focus more on telecom, but entering that market has a lot of barriers.
  • Haletale (real estate): Provides furnished co-living apartment units targeted at international students and newcomers, along with a web platform for both tenants and property managers/owners.
  • Digittant Consulting (marketing): Technology-enabled sales and marketing tools for small businesses. They want to move away from consulting to a “scalable, product-based model”, similar to what they are already doing in Latin America.
  • White Label Technologies (blockchain/marketplace): Provides extensive digital services to businesses and is currently developing a customized NFT marketplace.
  • Infinite Harvest Technologies (agtech/biotech): Utilizes food waste to cultivate fly larvae and transform them into protein for fish and animal feed, including pet food.
  • RDIT Canada (business services): Created a workflow process management service called HOLO for process management and automation, orchestrating efficient workflows, providing visibility and reducing costs.
  • TMR Vehicle Delivery Service (marketplace/transportation): Provides car and truck delivery services crosstown (GTA), cross country and in the USA, and is creating a digital platform for the industry.
  • ALFI (fintech): Gamified financial literacy web app that enables young users to play, learn and compete in real scenarios to increase their understanding and acquisition of financial literacy and financial products and services.

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