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North America Bootcamps

Our one-week Bootcamp is specifically designed for international startups aiming to expand their operations into North America, with Canada as their launchpad.

This intensive program is meticulously curated to provide companies with the essential knowledge, resources, and valuable networking opportunities required for a successful entry into the North American market.


Who it's for

  • Technology companies with an established Minimum Viable Product (MVP), local sales traction, or adequate investment to start a company in Canada.
  • Part of at least one of the following sectors: Agri-technology, Digital Health, Education Technology, Automation, Electric Vehicles, or Robotics.
  • A team that is open to partial or full relocation to the Hamilton-Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada.

What to expect

  • Networking opportunities through connections with local business leaders, potential partners, investors, and community events.
  • Site visits to local innovation hubs and relevant institutions to offer a firsthand experience of the region’s technology ecosystem.
  • Experienced coaches, industry experts, and legal advisors providing insights, guidance, and practical advice tailored to the international startups’ needs.
  • Guidance on fundraising and securing investment in Canada, including grants, angel investors and venture capital.
Program fee
Program Duration
1 week
Destination depends on where the bootcamp is being held


Hamilton and Niagara have come together to market a combined region of over one million people with complementary strengths in freight transportation, agribusiness, health sciences research, advanced education, advanced manufacturing, and more. Examples of the advantages of this collaboration include Niagara’s border location and support services for exporters via its Foreign Trade Zone designation, and Hamilton’s 24-hour cargo/ passenger airport and major Great Lakes port. The Economic Development Offices of Hamilton/Niagara serve as a single window approach in providing business assistance within this mega region.

Hamilton-Niagara Region along with Global Startups, is offering a scaleup bootcamp program for international startups seeking to expand business in Canada with the City of Hamilton and Niagara Region as their point of entry. This program can lead startups to be selected for the Startup Visa program.

  • Access to 130 million people, 2 Canadian provinces and 9 US states with a Combined GDP of $5.6 trillion (USD) – all within a one-day drive.
  • Consistently ranked as one of the best locations in North America for overall investment value, cost competitiveness and connectivity.
  • The Hamilton Niagara region serves as a single window approach in providing business assistance within this mega region.
  • 5 international bridge crossings that are the busiest points of entry between Canada and the US, the number 1 crossing for people and number 2 for goods.
  • The Niagara Escarpment allows for a one-of-a-kind climate and agricultural growing conditions that set the region apart from anywhere in the North.

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