5 Canadian Companies led by Newcomer Entrepreneurs Join LatAm Startups’ New Accelerator Program

Canadian Companies

LatAm Startups is excited to announce the companies joining the Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.

The following 5 companies aim to address the pain points of diverse audiences, enhancing their products and services through technology. All led by newcomer entrepreneurs, LatAm Startups is looking forward to work with each of them to find the funding, resources, and also provide support wherever needed throughout this six-month accelerator program.


Lukount’s solution is a blockchain-enabled accounting collaboration platform. Lukount’s AI-based analytics help SMB owners make data-driven decisions. Their software solution and their additional services like financial advice from experts help business owners save time, simplify administration, and make better decisions.

“I applied to Latam Startups’ program because I was looking for a way to connect my Colombian startup with the North American market and knew it would be the perfect fit for me, my team, and our project, due to Latam Startups’ deep expertise on the matter. I hope to strengthen our current business model in LatAm and start the expansion work into Canada. I am looking forward to working with mentors on Sales, Marketing, Market Research, and Product-Market-Fit topics.”

Terra Bio Food

Terra Bio upcycles brewers’ spent grain, a widely accessible resource into functional plant-based protein and fermentable sugars. A process without a need for new farmland while using undervalued commodities present in our food system, Terra Bio is working towards a healthier future for the world by making foods more sustainable.

“Our goal is to provide the most sustainable plant-based protein from spent grains and as a young company, we know that to maximize our potential we need the right kind of mentorship. Joining the Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator Program allows us to improve on our business plan, find the right funding opportunities, and establish a marketing strategy. Our business thrives on making connections within the Canadian ecosystem and we hope that by participating in this program we will be even more prepared to scale.”

Pumpkin Kart

Pumpkin Kart is an ethnic food, grocery, and alcohol delivery service currently catering to the South Asian and Middle-Eastern communities in Canada. The team at Pumpkin Kart aims to make hard-to-access items available to customers through its availability of long-distance delivery.

“We are very excited to be a part of the Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator program. This program is the right fit to scale our startup and connect like-minded newcomer entrepreneurs. We look forward to raising our seed round and expand to major cities in Canada upon completion of this program. This is an initial step to delve into the investor community. We hope to grow our network and leverage this experience for our investment hunting spree.”


Paperstack is a platform that helps freelancers, solopreneurs, contractors, and gig workers with incorporation, bookkeeping, and tax filing. All of this helps users focus on their own work, leaving the detailed and time-consuming tasks to Paperstack’s technology. Users can register their businesses, automate monthly bookkeeping, and file taxes all through one click – from the convenience of their browser.

“Paperstack is building something truly unique. Its technology allows freelancers and e-commerce sellers to manage monthly bookkeeping and file taxes automatically, which is quite revolutionary. This has the potential the unlock enormous value for all the entrepreneurs out there – and we are here to lead the change.”

Institute for Creative Exchange (ICE)

The Institute for Creative Exchange connects creatives around the Americas to collaborate and produce creative products for different media. They have been developing a comprehensive platform where all exchange processes including content creation and distribution, e-commerce, creative rights management, a space for virtual collaboration, creative directories and sales reps, and networking can be done.

“As cultural entrepreneurs, we face numerous market challenges. Our main challenge relates to reaching the right audiences and expanding our market. We applied to the program to develop and consolidate used technology to foster collaboration among artists in the Americas. In this way, our business scope expands and gives us more opportunities to serve more artists and cultural institutions.”

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