A New Generation Of International Startups Is Joining our Next Scaleup Bootcamp Cohort


TORONTO, September 8, 2020 – LatAm Startups is excited to announce the 20 companies that will be participating in the September 2020 Scaleup Bootcamp. This bootcamp will be the eighth cohort, in which sessions are going to continue in hybrid due to the COVID-19 situation. The companies selected represent Brazil, China, Mexico, Chile, India, Pakistan, Colombia, Morocco, Kazakhstan, USA, Iran and Malaysia. 

The Scaleup Bootcamp Program recipients are:

Audioweb is a Mexican Tech Company leader in resolving real business challenges by leveraging the potential of AI, Video Conferencing, Neuroscience, Chatbots, Natural Language Processing and Live Human Interaction with the users

B2B Negocios is a comprehensive procurement solution for the entire buying circle, including from the requisition, quotation, purchase order until the payment process. Our community of 30 multinational buyers and over 20,000 industrial suppliers is the largest virtual community in Latin America.

Aa advisors and capacity builders for multiple national governments and regulators on Blockchain adoption, Belfrics has contributed extensively for blockchain and digit asset regulatory framework development. Winners of several hackathons and awards, Belfrics continued to expand its know-how and intellect on digital assets and blockchain space across several regions.

Biomedicos.co is a medical equipment B2B e-commerce dedicated to the distribution of biomedical products and after-sales services in hospitals and other industries.

CardioTrack’s automatic vital signs measurement solutions provide data for different analysis or usage settings not only paving the road for data driven decisions but also lowering the risk and exposure that healthcare personal can endure in this process.

Cloudwalk is a next generation payment processing system featuring AI and blockchain that builds a fair solution for all players

  • Cognitive Technologies

CTech is an organization that implements state-of-the-art technologies to empower individuals and organizations towards wholesome and harmonious societies. With expertise in digital infrastructure, we establish Internet-of-Things (IoT) frameworks, with both hardware and software automation for individuals, businesses and governments.  

Deskflows aims to empower operations leaders to have more productive teams, by applying a productivity framework based on their own process. We generate information about process backlog and queues in real time and apply a smart process modeling, which allows the team to work better, reduce costs and have more fluid operations

Drongo is a set of applications and tools allowing to accelerate digital transformation for Restaurants.

FoodBot AI is a customer engagement & marketing platform for restaurants using chatbots. We help restaurants understand, and build 1:1 relationship with their customers at scale using our platform.

Fracttal is a CMMS & EAM, that manages all aspects of maintenance operations like equipment, providers, technicians, maintenance schedules, spare parts, costs, emergencies, warranties, and many more. 100% cloud-based, 100% responsive, Industry 4.0 and IoT ready, integrates with any ERP, easy-to-use, can be started in minutes, and deliver a return on investment (ROI) within a matter of weeks while giving superb customer support.

A platform where teachers, academic coordinators, school managers and parents can collaborate and work to deliver better learning experiences for students

MountX Real Estate Capital has been dedicated to transforming the LATAM real estate investment industry by giving latinamerican investors the same direct access to international real estate that institutions have always had, by leveraging tech & digital to build the next generation of global real estate investment platform, powered by blockchain (tokenization), virtual reality & artificial intelligence.

Plugn.City is the DoorDash/SkipTheDishes of experiences. It’s an application that connects specialist companies/businesses to interested and passionate people by providing tools for companies to create their experiences and people to find what they like best.

Prevsis is a flexible AI based Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) SaaS solution, which monitors companies’ risk level at any site and organizational area. Prevsis works in multiple verticals, such as mining, construction, retail, maritime, and other industries, it can automatically assess findings risk level in order to alert the responsible personnel.

SafetyDocs is a company designed to incorporate all the management needs for permits documentation in a centralized and organized way. Our solution is Scalable and present in many big players in the Brazilian market. It centralizes the company management documents in a secure cloud-based platform to support decision making and renewal of permits and certifications.

SmartDent is an automated diagnosis platform built for dentists. Its core function is to find abnormalities within the uploaded scans and offer a probability report based on its findings.  Its core-AI is capable of analyzing 2D and 3D scans and generating a detailed and human-readable report used by the dentist to develop cure plans for the patients.

Solunar create games for people with ADHD to facilitate their learning processes through AR.

Standard Surveyors is a cloud-based surveying firm which provices professional and independent marine survey or cargo inspection services. They develop the Cargo Surveying Program, which features condition recording on smartphones, damages recordings, with photo documentation for office reporting.

Webkassa is a software solution for businesses and governments that collects sales data in order to reveal sales insights and to tackle frauds and counterfeit

The Scaleup Bootcamp Program is a market validation program, in which startups will have the opportunity to determine if the Canadian market is the right fit for them. The intakes are in March and September every year. It is going to be a very informative two weeks for the startups, as mentors and lawyers will be giving sessions on topics such as immigration, angel investment, market entry strategies and networking in the new normal. 

For more information about the companies, please send us an email at

Our annual LatAm Startups Conference Seventh Edition is happening tomorrow! Register to this FREE event and get to know the companies from the previous cohort as they pitch to win a prize, and get in touch with the Latin American and Canadian tech ecosystems! https://hopin.to/events/latam-startups

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