AI-Enhanced Chatbots for Restaurants: Aims to Excel in North America


“We were looking to expand into the North American market and Canada being a big opportunity for us to expand into North America with their good immigration program for startups.”

Saurabh Rinwa, Founder and CEO of

In an era where technology consistently refines our daily activities, from working to dining, one startup stands out in revolutionizing the restaurant industry via AI chatbots: This avant-garde company is enhancing the dining sphere for patrons and restaurateurs alike. empowers eateries to seize their customer engagements. By integrating their platform with restaurant social media profiles, it facilitates direct interactions on the customer’s preferred platform. This not only enables eateries to manage loyalty programs and process orders on social media, but it also means retaining all revenue and customer data without the financial drain of third-party apps like Uber Eats and Doordash.

Canada, with its growing number of students and professionals favoring online food deliveries, significantly influences North America’s online food delivery market. Upon research and consultation with LatAm Startups, Saurabh and his team identified Canada, specifically Toronto, as their prime market. They understood that Canada provides the perfect environment to amplify their business operations. joined LatAm’s Startup Visa Path in 2020, and is a proud graduated alumni. “LatAm Startups came in at the right time”, reflects Saurabh, and adds: “They help us navigate the local ecosystem connecting us to the right investors and partners. So it has been a really good journey with LatAm Startups.”  

It is important to state that through the City of Toronto’s support, LatAm Startups has been able to provide programming that assists not only, but all of the startups in our portfolio.

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