Berlin-based IHUBI and LatAm Startups Develop Partnership to Connect Canada, Germany, and Latin America


LatAm Startups continues to outgrow its name, announcing a new partnership with IHUBI (Innovation Hub Institute), an organization with offices in Berlin and New York, which brings German innovation expertise to Latin America.

With this new international partnership, IHUBI and LatAm Startups hope to explore the development of entrepreneurship training programs for companies, strengthening the community of international entrepreneurs and creating awareness for the opportunities available in the startup ecosystems of Canada, Berlin, and Latin America.

“The cooperation with LatAm Startups is an important step for the Innovation Hub Institute to sustainably expand its competencies in Latin America. We see LatAm Startups as a reliable and equal partner with whom we can even better achieve our goal of strengthening innovation capabilities in Latin America. We are looking forward to the cooperation”- IHUBI

IHUBI was founded in 2018 as an independent institute with offices in the startup hubs of Berlin and New York. Working with their country experts, they have created their methodology based on their core expertise in innovation management combined with their scientific methods and creative concepts. IHUBI continues to provide training, consulting, and research for innovation and organizational development. LatAm Startups looks forward to this global partnership as both continue to advocate for innovation and help entrepreneurs grow their businesses globally.

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