Empowering Mental Health through Music: The Journey of Pi Electronics Technology

Pi Electronics

In the early days, artificial intelligence (AI) looked fascinating, but we were hit with the reality that it requires substantial effort”.

Embarking on the intersection of technology and well-being, Lily Zhang, the visionary co-founder of Pi Electronics Technology, has been on an inspiring journey to bring AI-powered music therapy to the forefront of mental health improvement in Canada.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Lily to gain personal insights into the challenges and triumphs that define her entrepreneurial venture.

Meet Lily Zhang

“I’m Lily Zhang, co-founder of Pi Electronics Technology, a Toronto-based electronics brand that produces audio technology essential to improving the daily lives of everyday users. I’m a newcomer to Canada, originally from China,” Lily introduces herself.

“At the beginning, AI looked fascinating, but we quickly realized that it requires a lot more work than anticipated. So, for the past two years, I worked on collecting more raw data to leverage AI in transforming our products and services at an advanced level,” Lily reflects. “My passion for improving mental health through technology has become the driving force behind Pi Electronics.”

Research and Prototyping Milestones

“As the founder of Pi Tech, I am quite happy now because we almost finished the research, prototyping, and clinic validation,” Lily shares. The company has achieved significant milestones, securing government funding and collaborating with university researchers to enrich its journey.

“The main challenge we’re tackling right now is being in the early stages of developing AI products and services, making it difficult to predict projections and attractions,” Lily admits. However, with the successful completion of clinical validation studies, Pi Electronics is poised to seek external investment through fundraising, marking a significant step in its growth journey.

Automation and Future Prospects

“As a founder, my primary area of focus is automating our processes and protocols,” she explains. Her vision centres on creating a powerful AI through automation and she remains confident that Pi Electronics is set to make significant strides.

On working with Global Startups

“I think I’m lucky to have such great mentors as it’s inspired and helped me connect with VCs and learn more about the funding process,” Lily explains. She believes that mentorship has played a crucial role in Pi Electronics’ journey, providing the insights and support required to navigate the complex landscape of startup growth.

Pi Electronics Technology, under Lily Zhang’s leadership, is not just a technological venture; it’s a transformative force in mental well-being. Lily’s story of resilience, determination, and commitment serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs in the tech and wellness space.

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Temi Lanre, Marketing Coordinator at Global Startups

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