Entrepreneur gives back to Seneca’s on-campus incubator

Seneca Campus Incubator

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Christian Navarro’s business is blooming.

His signature product, Lotus Water, is an innovative rainwater collection and purification device that resembles a lotus flower and operates on renewable energy. The water captured by the device goes through a filtration and purification process to create high-quality water for human consumption.

But without insight and input from like-minded business professionals, Navarro says his innovation wouldn’t have been able to flourish. That’s why he’s attributing much of his success to HELIX — Seneca’s on-campus incubator that encouraged his business to grow — and giving back as a donor.

Launched in 2014, HELIX provides aspiring entrepreneurs like Navarro the guidance, networks and space to develop their business concepts into tangible enterprises. To date, it has helped to develop more than 350 ventures and hosted more than 10,000 participants in entrepreneur-themed events.

Originally from Mexico, Navarro investigated other facilities where he could develop his business concept prior to arriving at HELIX.

“I did my research on other incubation hubs,” he said. “But they wanted a piece of my business and didn’t provide the support I needed.”

With the help of HELIX, which provides a safe, welcoming and informative space in Seneca’s new Centre for Innovation Technology & Entrepreneurship, Navarro was able to work with mentors and coaches, attend pitch events and compete in international competitions — all to hone his skills and scale up his business venture.

“The support I received at Seneca HELIX was unmatched,” Navarro said. “I am forever grateful and now it’s my turn to help support the next generation of HELIXers.”

Navarro recently made a financial donation to HELIX, making him the first HELIXer to do so. Today, he is developing strategic projects for private companies and government institutions and hopes his philanthropy will be a source of inspiration.

“We need to build a culture of giving back at HELIX,” he said. “I would not be where I am today without HELIX and its great partners, including LatAm Startups and ventureLAB. This is just one way that I am able to say thank you and that I am very proud to be a HELIXer.”

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