From Resistance to Resilience: Embracing Change in Leadership

Change can be a daunting concept, especially when it comes from a piece of advice or direction that pushes us outside our comfort zones. Leaders, in particular, may find this challenging because they’re accustomed to guiding others and making decisions. So, taking advice or trying a new approach can feel counterintuitive. However, it’s precisely in these moments of discomfort that the greatest opportunities for growth and progress lie.

During coaching sessions, a business coach might propose methods or thought processes that are unfamiliar or unsettling. This could mean introducing a new team management strategy, suggesting a unique approach to problem-solving, or encouraging a mindset that differs from your usual thinking. It’s only natural to initially resist such suggestions. After all, stepping into the unknown can be uncomfortable but it’s important to recognize that growth doesn’t happen in a state of complacency.

A business coach plays a crucial role in helping you pinpoint knowledge gaps, set clear, actionable goals, and enhance self-awareness to boost leadership qualities. Entrepreneurs who acknowledge their expertise while understanding they don’t possess complete knowledge often achieve the highest levels of success.

The challenge lies not only in accepting new ideas but also in actively seeking them out and giving them a fair chance. This requires a shift from a defensive mindset to one of curiosity. Instead of asking, “Why should I do this?” the question becomes, “What can I learn from this ?”. This subtle change in perspective opens up a world of possibilities, making it easier to navigate the discomfort of the unfamiliar.

For leaders, embracing this mindset is crucial. Leadership isn’t solely about directing others; it’s about setting an example of continuous growth and adaptability. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you enhance not only your skills and perspectives but also inspire your team to do the same. This fosters a culture of learning and adaptability, essential in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world.

In conclusion, though it may be challenging to accept advice or direction that pushes you beyond your comfort zone, the benefits are manifold. By overcoming reactive behaviour and embracing change, you open yourself to new opportunities for growth and progress. Remember, the greatest barriers to progress are often the ones we place on ourselves. So, the next time your business coach suggests something different or slightly uncomfortable, take a deep breath, step forward, and embrace the chance to learn and grow.

Article by:

Miryam Lazarte

Miryam Lazarte, CEO at Global Startups Accelerator and General Partner at GSA Ventures

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