Hamilton-Niagara Hosts Exciting Scaleup Bootcamp This October

Hamilton-Niagara Bootcamp

For a second straight year, Global Startups is excited to welcome 17 ground-breaking companies rocking the scene in their industries.

What sets this Scaleup Bootcamp apart is its commitment to providing participants with a unique learning experience. It will feature a diverse range of speakers and mentors who have successfully scaled their own businesses. These experts will share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices, offering attendees invaluable insights into the art of scaling up.

Why Hamilton-Niagara?

The Hamilton-Niagara Region is emerging as a hotspot for startups and entrepreneurs. Its proximity to major cities such as Toronto and the US East Coast, makes it an attractive location for business growth. The region’s supportive ecosystem, access to top-notch educational institutions, and a growing tech scene make it an ideal place to scale up a business.

Meet this year’s participating companies: 

  • BeltecHub Streamlining the discovery, manufacturing, acquisition and sourcing of conveyor & power transmission belting, automation equipment and components.
  • Darsim Aviation Solutions Giving a progressive solution for aviation enthusiasts to enjoy flying at home.
  • TVRT Sustainable platform for coffee brokerage
  • Maplexcellence Management platform to control energy and carbon emissions.
  • Taskbily HR, CRM, and Project Management system.
  • Kinesix VR Therapeutics Specialized training platform that enhances recovery of patients through AI hand tracking system, with real-time feedback indicators.
  • Deschool Online Revolutionising STEM learning through innovative in-school workshops and courses.
  • Social Seller Empowering sales representatives to leverage their social networks by providing them an easy way to share company-approved content.
  • Foodbot.ai Automating customers’ digital journey with an algorithm that increases sales, rewards customers and manages special events at restaurants.
  • GHubee Platform that provides digital services to the automotive and transportation sectors worldwide.
  • EmpowerC Consulting company for software development helping organizations, mainly schools achieve their goals.
  • Pocket Clinic The future of smart injectors, for all chronic disease patients who continuously need injections.
  • Habitomic Habit forming application that helps people to add new habits to their lifes.
  • Food Bundles Optimizing distribution of fresh food for people living in cities.
  • Cropinno Empowering farmers with satellite and AI technology to monitor and manage their field with precision.
  • Pi Electronics Technology Inc. Toronto based electronics brand that produces innovative technology essentials, such as headphones and speakers.
  • WUX clear and easy to understand network alerts, that allow to take action fast to solve the issue.

The Hamilton-Niagara region consistently ranks as one of the best locations in North America for overall investment value, cost competitiveness, and connectivity. As a hub for manufacturing, agri-business, life and health sciences, and other growing sectors, this region is full of opportunities and resources for innovative businesses. We are confident that this year’s cohort of companies participating will take home valuable lessons and impactful partnerships to grow their businesses through the region and beyond.

For additional information about this bootcamp contact Marcelle Solda, Program Coordinator

To learn more about upcoming bootcamps and programs visit https://www.globalstartups.tech/programs

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