ICYMI: International Companies Complete LatAm Startups Phase II Program


Companies in LatAm Startups’ Phase II: Market Entry Program graduated in December 2021. In January, many took their next step into Phase III: Acceleration (Start-Up Visa Program). LatAm Startups congratulates all companies for completing Phase II, and a special congratulations for those that have begun their Phase III.

LatAm Startups 3-Phase Startup Programs accept companies worldwide. This cohort had companies originating from India, Iran, Nigeria, Brazil, and the UAE, each showing development through their efforts to adapt to a new market and strategically plan their expansion to Canada and North America. LatAm Startups is excited to see these technology-driven companies continue their growth.

Learn More about Phase II Alumni

BI InfoTech | Phase II Alumni, Phase III

BI InfoTech is a leading market research operations & technology firm helping businesses meet their data collection, analysis, and visualization requirements. Their product portfolio combines qualitative research, quantitative research, panel management, and data dashboards to capture and report data effectively. They’ve developed FSMS, a Field Service Management Software to help schedule jobs, track time from mobile apps, and streamline the entire field process for greater profitability.

Cropinno | Phase II Alumni

Cropinno is an easy-to-use tool for precision agriculture and farm management powered by satellite remote-sensing technology and AI. Their platform provides regular updates on crops to increase farmers’ yield and profitability. Cropinno’s tool consolidates frequently updated crop condition maps, smart alarms to detect crop issues, an AI-based recommendation system, and a daily farm management logbook.

Habitomic | Phase II Alumni, Phase III

Habitomic is a habit-forming app combining psychology, AI,  and machine learning to help people get more out of life. Habitomic provides psychometric tools, a personalized plan, and a personal assistant. Utilizing a personalized plan, an intelligent chatbot, a habit journey tracker, and a community of fellow habit formers to engage with, Habitomic aims to help users set the right goals and achieve positive change.

KonarkPro | Phase II Alumni, Phase III

KonarkPro is a SaaS-based, privacy-oriented time tracking platform that increases productivity for remote teams. KonarkPro’s time tracking platform powered by AI eliminates the need for inefficient and outdated time management systems. Their comprehensive software helps businesses build shareable time reports, project budgets, team scheduling, automated payroll management, time-off requests, idle time detection, data analysis, and productivity measurement.

Pocket Clinic | Phase II Alumni, Phase III

Pocket Clinic aims to develop the most affordable, pain-free, compact, and accessible smart injector to provide advanced and personalized therapy for people with diabetes. Pocket Clinic’s pain-free, tubeless, miniature plug & play smart injector combined with their mobile application and cloud monitoring, counter the challenges that people with diabetes face, including the expensive devices on the market, the lack of personalized solutions to manage each patient’s needs, the need for Multiple Daily Injections (MDI), and the inaccuracy of dosages.

Ring Marketing | Phase II Alumni, Phase III

Ring Marketing is a performance-driven marketing agency that connects pre-qualified, high-intent, and ready-to-buy homeowners with local home services contracting companies in Ontario, Canada. Leveraging its expertise in media buying, email marketing, SMS marketing, direct mail, outbound and inbound calling, and SEO websites, Ring Marketing gives clients a pay-per-lead and pay-per-call approach, delivering qualified real-time leads and inbound/outbound phone calls.

Valinno | Phase II Alumni, Phase III

Valinno is an easy-to-use cloud-based inventory management software that helps retailers react quickly and adjust to consumer demand, improving cash flow and increasing profits. Valinno’s software applies machine learning to consumption trends to recommend which products to purchase, when, and in what quantity. Retailers ensure that they only spend money on what their customers would buy.

Vilimont | Phase II Alumni, Phase III

Vilimont is a growing laundry chemical manufacturing company offering a range of highly effective stain removers for professional dry cleaners. With a mission to become a global North American brand in the stain removers sector, they leverage their established presence in many of Asia’s dealer and distributor networks, their products’ proprietary formulation, and their environmentally friendly production facility.

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