LatAm Startups Announces Softlanding Program Cohort VII


TORONTO, April 14, 2020 Six companies originating from Brazil and Colombia are enrolling in our seventh cohort of Softlanding Program. They will receive one-to-one professional mentorship and help from the talented volunteers assigned to the startups to navigate the Canadian market.

The Softlanding Program is a market entry program, and the second step after completing the Scaleup Bootcamp Program. The goal in this program is to launch a corporation in North America, having Toronto as an entry point to the region, and also to the global market.

By the end of the Softlanding Program, these startups will have the opportunity to launch their companies in the seventh edition our annual LatAm Conference on September 9 and 10. This exclusive event brings participants including angel investors, government officials, industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The latest cohort represents operates in various sectors – AR/VR, Education, Healthcare, International Affairs, IoT, and Telecom.

The Softlanding Program recipients in Cohort VII are:

  • 4VR – We provide to different industries like Education, Hospitality among others, a complete solution to enchant the potential buyers with a high-quality visualization. We build a complete solution, comprising a full range of technology, content and experience, bringing the high-end VR technology to hand.
  • Colmakers – Providing all-in-one IoT solutions for enterprises and makers. They believe in a future where humans and machines work cohesively to make life easier.
  • DrivingApp – Connecting you to the best driving instructors across Canada. Based on the instructor’s ratings, users can now hire the right professional for specific services, through their native language.
  • EasyTEM – A telecom management company that allows the manager to have a detailed view on data consumption on mobile devices used by company employees. In addition, EasyTEM allows you to organize consumption in branches, departments, cost centers, among others.
  • Missão Canada – They are a networking company operating through a network Connections Platform. They connect with people and businesses to promote global development and growth.
  • PsyMood – Offering a service that is intuitive, easy and encouraging to use, where users will be certain to make progress in their mental health state. Mental health professionals will feel inclined to form a mental health research community and HR professionals will bring the best solutions on mental health to their organizations, with content in multiple languages. 

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