Maximizing Profitability and Innovation: How GHubee’s Transaction-Based Model is Reshaping Transportation Software


I think Canada is a bridge to other markets [like] the United States and Europe, and the multiculturalism helps business too.

João Gubolin, CEO and Founder at Ghubee

With over forty years of professional experience in the area of information technology and management consulting, João decided to embark on a mission to end supply chain inefficiencies. Alongside his son João Ricardo as Head of Business Development, they developed GHubee to grow their already successful business in Brazil, into North America.

GHubee uses a transaction-based business model that allows transportation software companies to avoid the extra costs of building and supporting new clients and adding advanced technology features to their applications. GHubee is a platform by Gubolin Technologies Corp. that started pivoting data and workflow #automation for #transportation and supply chain systems in 2017. In 2020 the company expanded to clients in North America, and in early 2022 they entered the #StartupVisa Program at LatAm Startups.

“Someone, some colleague introduced me to Miryam in 2021, to know what LatAm Startups do.” João values the help he’s been able to get in the last couple of years: “They have a great expertise in this field of innovation, and help a lot of companies that need to, that want to expand, expand to other markets. I think without LatAm, it would be very, very difficult. I don’t know if we would get here (without LatAm’s help).”
This year they are planning to raise 500,000 USD to strengthen their presence in North America through marketing, sales and product development. They have the ambitious goal of reaching 1 million USD of revenue in 2025. Their mantra to achieve this goal is to believe that expanding a company’s culture to new technologies is necessary to remain in the current market. In addition to reducing costs and increasing productivity, integrating digital services into the organization’s system is essential to be present in the new economy.

It is important to state that through the City of Toronto’s support, LatAm Startups has been able to provide programming that assists not only GHubee, but all of the startups in our portfolio. Learn more about GHubee
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