Reflecting on a Monumental Year: Growth, Community, and Innovation

End of year party

As the year draws to a close, it’s a time for reflection. We look back at our achievements, the lessons learned, and set our sights on future growth.

The year 2023 has been a rapidly moving and eventful period. It seems like just yesterday we were grappling with the daunting task of organizing 56 events, along with managing cohorts for four diverse programs. The pace was intense, but we embraced the challenge with open arms.

This year, more than ever, we’ve seen the fruits of our labor in community building. Our detailed accounting of events and programs has painted a vivid picture of our journey, highlighting just how far we’ve come. Building a community, especially in the startup ecosystem, is a challenging yet rewarding venture. It’s heartening to see our network grow into something akin to a family.

Year’s Highlights: A Celebration of Culture and Innovation

  • Latin America in the Spotlight: Our series of six events, accompanied by insightful white papers, shed light on the vibrant tech ecosystems in Latin America. This wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible partners like ProColombia, Prochile, Promperu, and many more.
  • Learning and Sharing: Our ‘6 Lessons Learned’ series became a cornerstone for community engagement, offering a platform for startups to share their journeys. These gatherings, filled with lively discussions and Margaritas, turned into a source of inspiration for many.
  • Brazil’s Tech Scene: Participating in the WebSummit in Rio was a standout experience. It offered us a chance to learn from the local tech community and forge in-person connections that were long overdue. We eagerly anticipate our return next year.
  • A Decade of Conferences: Reaching the 10th edition of our conference was a milestone moment. It symbolized growth, resilience, and the continuous evolution of technology and humanity.
  • Collision Conference Participation: This year’s Collision conference was a hub of productive dialogues and networking. With plans to bring 24 startups from our community to the global stage next year, we’re scaling new heights.
  • Embracing Change with Rebranding: Our rebranding journey was a leap into the unknown, but the community’s positive reception has been heartwarming and affirming.

Regional Impact: Hamilton-Niagara Bootcamp The popularity of our bootcamp in Hamilton-Niagara has exceeded expectations, with a growing waiting list for the next edition. It’s rewarding to see startups find their footing and thrive in these vibrant cities.

Wrapping Up with Celebrations Our end-of-year party was a fitting finale, showcasing seven startups from the Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator Program. It’s exhilarating to plan for more community events and programs in 2024.

Startup Visa Program: A Gateway to New Beginnings One of the year’s highlights was seeing our startups achieve permanent residency through the Startup Visa program. This milestone not only celebrates their resilience but also underscores the importance of governmental support in fostering entrepreneurship.

Gratitude and Acknowledgments

  • FedDev Ontario: Your trust in our ability to deliver impactful programs has been invaluable.
  • TechPlace, Innovation Factory, Haltech: Your relentless support and patience have been pivotal in extending our reach.
  • Sponsors OVHCloud, OzielLaw, SMB Business Immigration: Your support has been crucial to our success.
  • City of Toronto: Your consistent backing has been a cornerstone for our thriving startup ecosystem.
  • Team and Supporters: To each team member, board director, coach, and volunteer – your dedication and hard work have been the backbone of this incredible year.

As we bid farewell to a year marked by growth and learning, we look forward to continuing this journey, driven by innovation and community spirit. Here’s to an even more remarkable 2024!

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