WebSummit Rio 2024: Building Bridges Between Brazil and Canada

We just concluded our second year at WebSummit Rio. Planning ahead was key, and we’ve worked hard since last year’s event to get ready for this one.

Our programs at Global Startups have included Brazilian startups from the start. Our goal is to help technology companies grow in North America, especially through Canada.

Many startups aren’t familiar with the Canadian startup scene. So, we organized a couple of “Canada 101” events to introduce startups and our partners to what Canada offers and why it could be a great ally.

We presented Canada 101 in São Paulo and Rio. We were also a part of a thriving Canadian delegation at WebSummit.

Thanks to help from local partners and the Canadian Trade Commissioner’s office, we held Canada 101 events in São Paulo and Rio. We’re also excited to share that we’ve started new partnerships with Supera Park, PiT, and FIS. We believe these will make our startup community even stronger.

At WebSummit, we had the opportunity to work with our partners from the Hamilton-Niagara Region. Since 2020, we’ve been working together, helping startups discover the region’s offerings through bootcamps. This year marked our first joint venture at an international event, where we aimed to identify startups aligned with our shared objectives.

We signed agreements with Supera Park, PiT and FIS.

During her onstage appearance, our CEO, Miryam Lazarte, shared insights on startup growth and success in North America. She was joined by industry experts such as Filipe Garcia from WOW Aceleradora, Gustavo Cruz from Endeavor Brasil, and Bruno Rosa from O Globo. Miryam explained that expanding into North America isn’t the right path for every startup, some can thrive within their own countries. However, for those eager to venture into the international market, she stressed the importance of being prepared to start afresh, with proper support and connections.

She also played a key role in introducing other startups at the event as the MC and provided mentoring on the final day. The event offered a fantastic opportunity to connect with new startups and explore the innovative ideas they’re working on.

Throughout the event, we had the pleasure of meeting new startups, partners, and potential collaborators. Our team, under the leadership of Marcelle Solda and with the support of our board member Rafael Pinto, did an outstanding job. We’re immensely grateful for our Brazilian startup friends, such as Beatriz Zanatelli and Cleberson Vieira, who assisted us at our booth and beyond. Plus, we received support from members of our Startup Visa Advisory Boards, Audrie Mary-Nely and Amy Pollard. Their contributions were instrumental to our success.

Organizing a major event like WebSummit truly involves a collaborative effort from several people.

Looking ahead, we anticipate next year’s event in Rio and remain dedicated to promoting programs such as the Startup Visa program. With fond memories of our achievements, we’re now gearing up for our upcoming annual conference in Toronto (June 17th) and the Collision Conference.

Exciting times ahead!

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