Transforming Retail with Augmented Reality: Harsh and Rishabh’s Journey with Actuality

In an era where online shopping is ubiquitous, managing returns and customer satisfaction remains a big challenge for retailers. This is where Actuality, the innovative augmented reality (AR) platform steps in. Co-founders Harsh Pujara and Rishabh Gupta are on a mission to revolutionize how businesses visualize products and solve critical challenges through augmented reality (AR).

This platform helps customers visualize how products look and fit in their own space before making a purchase. While this enhances customer satisfaction, it also reduces the likelihood of return due to unmet expectations, providing a better shopping experience for consumers and efficient returns process for retailers.

We spoke with the co-founders at our HQ in downtown Toronto about their entrepreneurial journey, perspective and future plans.

“Today, 30% of all things shopped online are returned. We help people visualize things in their own space before they can make a purchase decision, solving the problem of returns.” Rishabh sheds light on the core problem Actuality aims to solve.

Despite the clear benefits of AR, they believe that many retailers have been hesitant to adopt this technology due to its perceived complexity and cost. Harsh addresses this issue, “97% of retailers do not use augmented reality visualization due to high complexity and cost. We simplify that process by making AR more accessible, affordable, and easy to use”.

So, with the user-friendly and cost-effective features, we see how Actuality’s platform is making a difference i.e lowering barriers to entry for retailers and encouraging widespread adoption of AR technology.

On the Entrepreneurial Journey

Balancing work and personal life is a common challenge for entrepreneurs, especially when the work aligns with their passion. Rishabh shares his experience, “The biggest challenge is balancing both work and personal life. It feels like I’m always working, and my wife can attest to that.”

Harsh echoes this sentiment, “Finding a work-life balance is really, really important. But when you are building your own company, it is hard to find that balance, and that’s something we struggled with at the time.”

Despite these challenges, Harsh and Rishabh remain committed to their vision, driven by their passion for innovation and their desire to make a positive impact in the retail industry.

Leveraging AI for 3D Asset Generation

Actuality goes beyond AR by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle complex challenges. Harsh explains, “AI has numerous applications across various industries. For us, specifically, we are using AI to address the problem of 3D asset generation.”

Rishabh elaborates further, explaining that they create 3D models of products by using AI to stitch together different images. He believes that AI is accelerating the growth of various technologies, often to the point where users won’t even realize that some images were generated by AI.

This innovative approach allows Actuality to create accurate and realistic 3D models of products, enhancing the AR experience and making it even more effective for online retailers.

The Importance of Team and Resilience

Building a successful startup requires more than just a great idea; it requires the right team and a determined mindset. Harsh stresses the importance of choosing the right partners: “Be careful with who you team up with while building your product or startup. A team can make or break your startup. It’s crucial to ensure the people you’re working with add value, align with your vision, and have the right mindset.”

Rishabh adds: “When you’re building your startup, resilience is key. Entrepreneurship is very challenging and it takes time to achieve the right results. Most people give up too early, so stick to it and be resilient.”

Final Thoughts

At GSA, we believe Actuality is set to change the retail world with its innovative use of AR and AI. By making AR easy to use and affordable, and using AI for creating 3D models, Harsh and Rishabh are helping retailers cut down on returns and boost customer satisfaction. Their journey shows the importance of staying strong and having a team that shares your vision in building a successful startup.

Discover more about Actuality and how they are revolutionizing online shopping by visiting or contacting Harsh Pujara for more information.

Article by:

Temi Lanre, Marketing Coordinator at Global Startups

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