Impact over time: Integration of Emerging Market Startups in North America

Over the past 11 years, we have organized an event dedicated to connecting Canada with other markets. Initially focused on Latin America, we have expanded to integrate startups from numerous emerging economies worldwide.

What started as a modest gathering is now the Global Startups Conference, a pivotal event within the tech community. Our niche is newcomers in technology, and we proudly claim to be the first tech community entirely focused on this demographic. Today, with many more players in the market, we are thrilled to see how newcomers have been integrated into various programs. It has required a mutual understanding—newcomers learning how to adapt their companies to the Canadian market and Canadians recognizing that these entrepreneurs are as capable as those born and raised here. As members of the tech community, they deserve equal access to services and opportunities.

One of the aspects I admire most about Canada is its welcoming nature. Canadians have always been open to newcomers, and this spirit of inclusivity has been vital to our mission.

Our recent conference not only featured knowledgeable speakers in their respective tech fields but also highlighted our community’s growth. We have successfully integrated many other communities from around the world into our network.

With Collision departing Toronto, we have mixed feelings about the event no longer being held in our city. Despite this, we plan to continue hosting our annual conference in Toronto. The logistics work in our favor, and it remains a convenient location for our community.

We eagerly anticipate announcing the 12th edition of our conference, perhaps with another fantastic party at the CN Tower. Our goal remains the same: to continue connecting communities within our beloved Canadian tech ecosystem.

Article by:

Miryam Lazarte

Miryam Lazarte, CEO at Global Startups Accelerator and General Partner at GSA Ventures

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